Renovations & Extensions 

KMK Property Solutions making your renovations dreams a reality!

Extensions & Additions 

We specialise in home extensions and second storeys as well as creation and construction of your outdoor entertainment area.

Home Extensions 

Create the extra living space which you have been dreaming about. This will be such an improvement you will feel you have a new house!

While your family expands or, indeed their needs change, we can help you achieve your project dreams while also increasing the value of your home. 

Second Storey 

Second-storey home additions are ideal for optimising your living space while maximising the views.  

We have the expertise to assist you with this project and it is a very cost-effective way of adding significant value to your property.

Outdoor Entertainment Areas 

Australia has a culture of extensive outdoor entertaining. Connecting the indoor areas to your outdoor entertainment area creates a flow-on effect throughout the 2 areas.
It is therefore important to consider increasing the entertainment value of your entertainment area.  

Contact us for more information. 


We offer European design and superb quality renovations which include full remodelling projects, open-space bathrooms or kitchens.

Open space and full home renovation 

Home renovation can increase the enjoyment and comfort of your home which is so essential.

We recommend open-space living renovation as it is crucial for its dynamics, modernity and functionality. This also applies to bathrooms and kitchens. 

Home renovation will bring immediate benefits and increase the value of your investment while enhancing the comfort and style of your home. We take care of all the details so there is no stress for our clients.


A bathroom renovation is an easy way to give your home a "facelift". 

Bathroom renovations are the quickest way to increase the value of your home while dramatically enhancing your personal comfort bringing extra brightness, storage and space.


We have expert designers who will help you design your dream kitchen. A kitchen renovation improves functionality and eliminates awkward layouts while increasing storage and preparation areas.

Update the design and style of your kitchen to meet your personality and families needs.

An open space kitchen brings natural light into your home, making it look bigger and brighter.

Our Process 

Our step-by-step process is very detailed and simple. 

Making your renovation dreams a reality!

Step 1 

Phone consultation

One of our senior consultant will have a conversation about your project and guide you what are the next steps or if there is need of any permissions prior.   

Step 2

In-home consultation

We'll come to your home or project site to discuss ideas and needs of your renovation or extension  project. We can share our vast experience and give you our best recommendations.

Step 3


After the Senior Project Manager and/or Senior Designer meet with you and understand your requirements, KMK Property Solutions will proceed to send you a quote. (It can take 2 weeks).

Step 4

Design and approval 

This is a crucial step. We have a professional team of senior draftsmen and designers who will assist with the design of your home. In addition, they will assist in the process of obtaining council approval if required. So, no need for you to be involved in stressful forms and paperwork.

Step 5

Product Selection 

 As you may expect, we have a partnership with fantastic suppliers who can assist you.
Also, we can offer professional design services, with one of our interior designers,  which will help you match your personality and project needs.

Step 6


This is when the dreams really do become a reality!
With just one point of contact throughout the entire renovation process, the KMK Property Solutions team experts will be in action.

Step 7

Customer Portal

We have a unique add-value service where you can follow the progress of your project online 24/7. 
-Photos and updates from the builder or project manager .
-Ongoing communication 

Step 8 

Project Completed 

The project is completed and you can enjoy your new dream home!