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As an architect, exterior or interior designer, or draftsperson, working with builders and renovators often feels like flipping a coin and hoping for the best. While you have an idea of what your design is supposed to look like upon completion, how can you guarantee that the heavy-lifters and on-site project managers that you or your client have hired are capable of completing the job to perfection?

Well, if our decades years of construction and renovation experience isn’t enough, we at KMK Property Solutions have a wide range of completed projects and testimonials for you to peruse. 


Building Brilliance and Renovation Reliability

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As the creative behind your latest project, your drawings, drafts, and latest concepts are meant to bring craftsmanship and construction convenience to your clients.

However, with everyone and their uncle owning a construction company, not only is your reputation on the line with regards to who you recommend, but the integrity and final product of your design are at stake too.

At KMK Property Solutions, We Promise a Trustworthy, High-Quality, On-Time, and On-Budget Construction and Renovation Partnership Experience.

We understand that our strengths lie in bringing the ideas on your page to the plot of your latest project. Because of this, we enjoy working closely with designers and architects to ensure we are on the same page as you – before the first wall is brought down, or the first new brick is laid.

More than just your average house-building experts, the team at KMK Property Solutions are experts at completing construction additions and property extensions, and we have even been found constructing heritage buildings.

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Building Strong Working Relationships, Brick-by-Brick

We take ourselves too seriously to undercharge for our services, but we also understand that outlandish fees are unreasonable. At KMK Property Solutions, we aim for every project to be just right – and fair on your client's budget.


We are experienced in working within reasonable timeframes, and we guarantee to stay within your client's budget limits. On top of this, we believe in complete openness and transparency. Should we see that the construction and renovation of your newest project has the potential to exceed either your time or budget brackets, we will contact you immediately with a plan of action in place. 

KMK Property Solutions is a building company fully certified, insured and accredited.

Communication and values

Founded with a deep love for understanding client needs and creating remarkable structures, no matter the size of the project, big or small, we enter with the same dedication to excellence. You can trust that we will do what is needed to convert your house into a home you are proud of.
Our values: 
- Honesty 
- Quality
- Communication
- Flexibility

As frontrunners in the construction and renovation industry, we guarantee first-class communication throughout the lifespan of your project through the use of our state-of-the-art communication app. This way, both you and your client can track our progress and reach your on-site project managers 24/7.

Where Experience Meets Convenience 

Each of our workers has several years of construction and renovation experience. We’ve worked on projects of varying difficulties, from simple cottage overhauls, construction additions, and property extensions, to heritage buildings and even magnificent Victorian houses.

Thanks to our many years in the industry, and the reputation KMK Property Solutions has built, we are proficient in dealing with councils – and we hire only the best on-site project managers to oversee your newest development. 

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